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We know that true pro’s never want to give anything less than their best. So at STANLEY® Tools we work alongside real tradesmen every day to make sure our tools for trade are designed to help you give your best to every job. Here you’ll find rock-solid and accurate levels, heavy hitting, anti-vibration hammers, tough storage, fast-cutting saws, cross line lasers and thousands more hand tools of true pro quality. Our FatMax® range includes extremely tough, durable hand tools custom built for the heavy pro user. But don’t just take our word for their quality: all our products are reviewed and rated by the real pro’s that use them. Check out the forum and products section to see for yourself.

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Go digital with the game changing STANLEY® Smart Measure Pro device and app – the quicker, easier way to measure and estimate. We headed to London with a Pro tradesmen to test it out – watch the video to find out just how easy it is to use.

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