STANLEY® Track Wall System Rail (4ft/121cm)

Features & Benefits

  • Kit consists of 1x 4ft/121cm Track Wall Rails which can easily be installed with a drill and screws on drywall, wall studs or masonry. It can either be interlocked to cover a wall or be installed end-to-end to form a strip.
  • It can be interlocked vertically and can also be joined horizontally with the Track Wall Joiners (sold separately).
  • It can be easily cut to size to suit the space available
  • Grooves in top and bottom can be used to mount pegboard, corkboard, or whiteboard for a personalised garage or workshop
  • The Track Wall rail is made from a sturdy, easy to use resin construction which is resistant to rust and warping
  • In addition, the STANLEY® Track Wall System End Caps (sold separately) provide a finished look to the Track Wall rails
  • The STANLEY® Track Wall System rail can be used with a wide variety of hooks and accessories to store a range of equipment from larger powered tools to accessories and spare parts
  • Many accessories feature a twist and lock mechanism which secures the hook to the track wall, preventing it from becoming loose
  • Track wall rail can support up to 143kg in weight
  • Each trackwall rail is 121 x 2.5 x 14cm

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