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  • Easy transportation and storage for larger tools and workshop materials
  • Extra large nickel plated metal latches
  • Transparent polycarbonate organiser in lid - impact resistant
  • Soft side pocket organiser
  • Removable tote tray
  • Removable cups for small accessories storage
  • Multi-purpose V-groove on top lid for working with pipes and timber
  • Wide telescopic steel handle with soft grip, suitable for use with gloved hands
  • Heavy duty road tested wheels
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Very useful, base storage just big enough to get alot in and small enough that everything is not on top of each other. 1 negative is that my trolley handle came away from the mount which made it awkward to move now, but is a very well used tool box. Hollows in the lid also make it very useful for wedging whilst sawing. If mine broke completely I would go and get another one (if they were on special mind!)

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- by wayne1982 - Kitchen Fitter - Tue 7 February

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Its an ok product, ive been using these for about three years now. I have gone through a number of these they basically are not heavy duty enough for trade use. If you have long distances to travel partiularly when jobbing on foot the first thing that will break is the wheels they are very flimsy plastic and not solid. Ive actually had to fit different wheels on mine as I was fed up of them breaking.

The other thing that tends to break on these boxes is the pull out handles, after a period of time they come out of their runners. Its a poor design.

I also find these boxes hopeless when you come to stairs!! Its very difficault to get the both up or down particularly when you have really heavy tools inside like me.

I would say this is more suited to diyers, the only reason I use them is there is nothing heavy duty made yet for tradesmen!! Hint, hint Stanley ;-)

Top Tip: Fit decent wheels on if your tools are heavy! You dont want to break down like I did and have to drag the box miles lol

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- by djnicad - Electrician - Fri 1 April

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Carries everything no problem. Can stand on it and doubles up as a seat.

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- by Andy5 - Plumber - Fri 11 March

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Item dimensions in cm61,3 x 37,5 x 41,9