14" Wonder Bar® Pry Bar

Features and Benefits:

  • Heat treated, forged high carbon steel for increased durability
  • High visibility, powder coated finish
  • Contoured bar makes pulling nails, prying and lifting easier
  • Polished tips and bevelled nail slots – excellent for pulling nails, lifting or prying
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Brilliant size fits in most toolboxes and really strong excellent for lifting floorboards with out making to much damaged due to its thickness and width enabling boards to be reused

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- by sir benson - Carpenter / Joiner - Sun 9 December

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really easy to use, it has great leverage when trying to get difficult nails out, also its quite slim which i found great when getting skirting bords off without causing to much damage. the grip is excelent and it covers all nail head sizes so a great all round tool.

Top Tip: get one in your tool box will never go back to another pry bar again.

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- by davej_1 - Builder - Sat 6 March

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I am electrician and this is tool i use the most. For anyone who has to get access under floors it is a must. It lifts floor boards without damageing them and is perfect for lifting the ply on ply lined floors. I bought two so i would not be caught without one and i am always being asked by people on site if they can borrow my spare 'Flat Bar'.

Top Tip: Keep the tips sharp.

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- by hawks - Electrician - Thu 4 March

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Product Specification

Length in inches12.5
Length in cm32