Handyman Bench Planes

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  • 1-12-204 for workshop, site or finishing work
  • 1-12-205 for rapid stock removal prior to commencing assembly work
  • 50mm blade width
  • Kidney shaped lever cap screw hole prevents accidental slippage of cutter
  • Chrome carbon steel cutter hardened and tampered to retain a keen cutting edge
  • Fully adjustable frog for all tasks and timber types
  • Virtually unbreakable polypropylene handle and knob shaped for comfort
  • Finger tip adjustment for depth of cut and cutter alignment
  • Tight fitting spring steel cap iron for perfect shaving flow
  • Precision cast fine grey iron base for stability and wear resistance
  • Precision ground base and sides ensure performance to the highest tolerances
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Do not buy this bench plane. The polymer adjustment knob broke easily on mine. Stanley technical service were not helpful. I contacted Marshall & Parsons for a replacement piece. They offered me a kit at a price of £20. This has to be some kind of joke. I have lost faith in Stanley as a result - I would have thought Stanley would know how to support its products. Obviously not. I will be wary of buying any other Stanley tools. Paul Hannon

Top Tip: Do not buy this plane.

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- by paulhannon - DIYer - Tue 12 March

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As a novice female DIYer I found this plane very easy to use and did not have any problems. The very sharp blade made my task effortless. It also feels good to hold due to the comfortable grip design.

Top Tip: Do not try to cut too deeply. Plane a little bit at a time to ensure a clean smooth finish. Clean after each use.

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- by stephenkinma - DIYer - Thu 11 March

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i have had a stanley plane for over 20 years and its still going strong, the best investment ive ever made, i cant say how many doors have been adjusted with this stanley tool

Top Tip: keep your tools clean and oiled

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- by big p - DIYer - Tue 9 March

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Product Specification

STANLEY LOGO1-12-2041-12-205
Iron length in mm250355
Iron width in mm5050